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Factors to Group-Worthiness in Group Discussion

• The primary factor which determines the candidate’s group-worthiness is his ability to fit into the group, to bind it together as a single entity and to influence the group towards the attainment of the group goals. • The next important factor is the candidate’s personal ability to do the bon in hand. We may even call it as one’s professional efficiency and it includes his intelligence; physical fitness, problem solving faculty, dynamic qualities and the ability to communicate effectively. • The third important factor concerns the candidate’s ability to stand up to physical and mental stresses and difficulties. He should not wait and give way under stress or get upset. One the other hand, he should be able to remain balanced, calm and collected in the face of tremendous odds and stresses. There will be individual rivalries and differences of opinion, in the group. There will arise the conflict between the individual’s self-interest and the group interest. In the face of such conflicts and difficulties, the candidate should not lose self-control. He should not get frustrated or give way to temper.

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The candidate’s persuasive ability is the fourth important factor. Persuasion can be accomplished by two main methods. The first one is to convince others by verbal technique. The ability to talk and express effectively counts here to a great extent. The second way is to persuade others by personal conduct and results achieved. Acting rather than words counts in this method. The candidate has to adopt both these methods to persuade other members of his group to accept his views. • The next important factor is the co-operative and positive approach of the candidate towards group efforts. Whether his views are accepted or rejected, whether he is given the important role or not, the candidate must always co-operate with the other members of the group. His approach should be positive and constructive. He should avoid serious criticism of other’s views. He must give an earnest trial to the course of action suggested by the group, although he may disagree with it personally. • The final and perhaps the most important factor is the candidate’s ability to provide leadership. Most of the group tasks are leaderless group tasks. No one is officially designated as leader or commander in such tasks. As a group cannot however effectively function without some sort of a leader or leaders, the vacuum will be filled in by those candidates who display the leadership ability. In fact one of the principal aims of the G.T.O. tests is to find out who reveals such natural leadership qualities. If the candidate shows all the qualities discussed in the different factors which constitute group-worthiness, he will automatically be accepted as the leader or one of the leaders of the group. In this context the candidate must understand that the leader is not one who only gives orders. He has to work like others in the group, perhaps even more than the others. He has to be a follower also at times, especially when there are more leaders than one in the group.

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