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Hundreds of people join Pakistan Navy every year. Each one has his own reason for joining, but there are some general benefits to joining the Navy that appeal to many people. Pakistan Navy provides a future, security and financial incentives that are lacking in civilian life, as well as a feeling of team effort and patriotism that you can get nowhere else.

In Pakistan, for a young person leaving school, there aren't many jobs that pay as well as the Navy. Equally, if you're a professional looking for a change of pace, wages in the Navy are very competitive compared with similar jobs in the civilian world. The great thing is that you also have the opportunity to considerably improve your salary package, with the range of impressive benefits on offer.

Pakistan Navy select from Pakistani Nationals:

PN Cadet

The main induction scheme in Pakistan Navy for enrollment of officers is the PN Cadet. Under this scheme Navy announces selection and recruitment two time in a year.


HSSC qualified male unmarried citizen of Pakistan between the age of 16.5 to 21 years are elgible to apply for PN Cadet scheme.

Selection Tests

All the applicants are initially evaluated at Navy recruitment centers. The candidates who are selected initially are asked to undergo ISSB tests.

Professional Officer

After the selection as Cadet, a person is trained professionally. After 1.5 years at PNA, the cadets pass out as midshipmen and join ships. In the fleet, they experience the life at sea while working in different areas onboard. After 6 months training at sea, the midshipmen are commissioned as Sub-Lieutenants.

Naval Engineering College

For further training Operations branch Sub-lieutenants join the Naval Engineering College for 2-1/2 years. During this period these officers undergo engineering degree programme in Electronics, earning them a degree from NUST (National University of Sciences & Technology).

After successful engineering graduation, the officers from Operations branch undergo professional courses at various schools which include:

  • Surface Warfare
  • Under Water Warfare
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Communications
  • Navigation & Operations
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