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Is GMAT really hard test? Is a common believe of thousands of students. In fact it not true absolutely. The methodology the test takers adopts for the preparation of the GMAT play a significant role in whether a test taker will have higher, at least the bottom line of the required score, or not.

What is GMAT

First, you must know what GMAT actually is?
GMAT is a standardized aptitude test which evaluate test taker's suitability for targeted course in business management and in future career. You can find much about what is GMAT by following the link at the end of this topic.

What is Hard on the GMAT

There’s nothing specifically difficult on the GMAT. Every test taker feels the difficulty in one or other section of the test. Not a specific section is uniformly hard for all test takers. Some test takers complaint about difficulties in Quantitative (Mathematics) section while the other admit that they were in trouble during verbal (English) section.

Identify your weak area

It is now very much obvious that all sections on the GMAT are not equally difficult for you. On some sections you feel some what comfortable while on the others you find difficulties. No strategy works equally for everyone in this situation. A customized plan will work for you. To explore your strengths and weaknesses take a tour on the contents of the GMAT through GMAT section of this website (link at the bottom of the topic). Take some lessons and practice exercises. This will give you an idea about where you are and what you need to makeup the weaknesses. Based on your findings work for specific hurdle.

Quantitative Section

If you are not comfortable on the math section:
Start from the very root level. Learn about basic arithmetic operations in depth. Use tips and short calculation methods to perform arithmetic calculations quickly.
Basic algebra specially, the linear equation with one variable must be thoroughly understand and practiced. The advanced topics like equations with many variables, derivation, and integration are not covered on the GMAT. Geometry is essential element in your preparation. You must not be afraid of complex geometry formulas and deep concepts. You only need what has been discussed in preparation of Geometry included in the quantitative section (Link below this topic).div>

Verbal Section

As the verbal section comprised of two parts:
  • Sentence Correction: Based on English grammar.
  • Your understanding while you read is evaluated on this section.
To have a full grip on this section, you must learn English vocabulary prior to go in details of the sections. Developing a large base of English words is vital for better performance. As for as the Grammar is concerned only eight concepts are included on the preparation of GMAT. The Parallel structure, agreements, style, and usage are the main topics of English grammar covered on the GMAT.

AWA - Analytical Writing Assessment

This section is also easy one, as you are not bound to what is to write. Both Issue and argument analysis, you can write what you want and which style you adopt. The only limitation is that you are bound to write what is asked. You can write in your own simple words. Limited vocabulary does not cause ultimate poor performance in your writing task. You must focus on what is asked in the prompt.

What to do conclusively

As you have identified you strengths and weaknesses, devise your schedule. Devote mush time to your weaker areas and plan accordingly to start from basic concepts to advanced level with adjustment and restructuring the plan by evaluation practice tests.
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