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Analytical ReasoningMath QuestionsEnglish Questions
Practice questions for Analytical Reasoning section of NTS GAT, NTS NAT, and other Admission and Employment Tests. All questions are given with answers. Analytical Questions Mathematics or quatitative section is included almost all admission and employment test. Here you can find a lot of practice questions with answers. Math Questions English or Verbal Section of the test includes Analogies, Antonyms, Synonyms, Sentence Correction, English Correction, and Sentnce Completion with answers. English Questions
Pakistan Army Recruitment TestsMajor Fields of StudyGeneral Admission Tests
Pakistan Defense forces require preliminary and ISSB selection for the commission. Further the ISSB screening process includes Psychology, Intelligence, and GTO Tasks. Join Pakistan Forces People of the world enjoy a variety of field choices for career and job. But in Pakistan we have only a few option for study because most of jobs requires degrees in these fields. Choose Study Field Every big university or educational setup admission criteria includes one or more entry test to select the suitable candidates from all the applicants. Prepare GMAT, GRE, SAT, GAT, and NAT. Prepare Entrytest
Study AbroadLocal and Foreign ScholarshipsPersonality Development
In the field of education foreign studies have a lot of benefits. Big universities are scattered around the globe. There are many accessible opportunities for every one if tried. Select Study Destination Higher studies are not affordable to everyone. Students seek some source of financial assistance to meet their educational expenses. Every donor has some criteria for offering scholarship. Find Scholarship Personality attributes related to leadership and management play pivotal role in the selection of candidate in CSS, ISSB, PPSC, and similar managerial jobs. Develop your Personality





ISSB Selection

ISSB Selection

Govt Jobs

Pakistan Govt JobsMS Degree From USASubject Test Preparation
Federal as well as provincial governments announce competitive exams for selecting competent persons for key positions like Income Tax Officer, Tehsildar, and Customs Inspector jobs. Find Govt Job USA MS degrees in any field are considered as the most prestigious degrees in the world. Calculate your chances by numeric calculator and ways to go USA for MS degree. MS from USA Many of universities require Subject test in a particular field for admission in Post Graduate studies. NTS GAT, GRE-subject, and SAT-subject tests are common subject tests. Subject Test Preparation
General Test SectionsUniversity TestGeneral Knowledge
All sections of general tests are collected here for taking lessons with practice questions. You can practice a lot of free practice questions. Have good score in each section of the test. General Test Sections Different universities have their own test patterns. You can select the university to find the pattern of the test. When you select the degree the test pattern link will be displayed. Test Formats Currently, pre-partition history is included in the general knowledge section but soon we will include all relevant topics with sample MCQs for practice to have good score. General Knowledge
CSS PPSC and College EssaysHow to Win InterviewsForeign Jobs
Current issues of Pakistan and around the world, General topics, and all what appears in CSS, PPSC, and other competitive exams. How to write impressive essays to win the competition. Impressive Essays Interviews are requirement of almost all employment process and also of some admission process. You can win every interview if have knowledge to deal each and every question. Win Interviews Every country needs skilled and qualified persons to play role in the development. If the persons are not available in the country demand is issued to other countries. Find Foreign Job

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