Chemistry for Test Preparation

Subject Chemistry is a major part of many general tests like NAT-IE, NAT-IM, and GAT as well as subject tests like SAT-Chemistry, GRE-Chemistry, GAT-Subject Chemistry, NAT-IIC. It relies on Chemistry concepts as well as the numerical skills to solve the MCQs. Text books are not effective for the preparation. Most of the questions on the test are of general chemistry concepts.

Practice Questions

At the end of each chapter, a prospect test taker finds practice questions for revision and application of the concepts.

Practice Questions

Preparation Chapter and Lessons

This is not a cramming-type test. While students are expected to have an understanding of the fundamental concepts of chemistry, most of the questions will involve organizing and interpreting information.

Hybrid Tests

Some of the tests involve general and subject questions. These are hybrid tests. GAT-Subject, and NAT are well known hybrid tests. For the preparation of General contents, you must select the general topics provided in the general sections.

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