Sections on General Tests

Sections that are found on the tests.

Quantitative Sections

Each of Quantitative sections evalates your skills of analyzing and formulation based on basic mathematical or arithmetic concepts.
Problem Solving Lessons Data Sufficiency Lessons Quantitative Comparison Lessons
Problem Solving Practice Questions Quantitative Comparison Practice Questions
Geometry Lessons Arithmetic Lessons Data Interpretation lessons

Verbal Sections

Almost all of the verbal sections normally base on English Vocabulary and your understanding of written English.
Reading Comprehension Lessons Analogies Lessons Antonyms Lessons
Reading Comprehension Practice Questions Analogies Practice Questions Antonyms Practice Questions
Synonyms Lessons Sentence Completion Lessons English Vocabulary
Sentence Completion Practice Questions  
English Grammar English Sentence Correction 1 English Sentence Correction 2
Sentence Correction Practice Questions

Logical and Analytical Sections

Analytical, Reasoning, and logical skills are evaluated in these sections.
Critical/logical Reasoning Analytical Reasoning Lessons Arithmetic Series Lessons
Critical Reasoning Practice Questions Analytical Reasoning Practice Questions
Picture Patterns

Analytical Writing Assessment

Argumentative Essay Issue Analysis Essay

General Knowledge

General Knowledge section evaluate your general awareness about your envirnoment. General Knowledge