NAT - National Aptitude Test By NTS

NAT - National Aptitude Test by NTS is a an admission test for college admissions in Pakistan. The NAT is owned, published, and developed by the NTS (National Testing Service). Colleges and Universities in Pakistan use the test to assess a student's suitability for admission. NAT consists of four major sections: Verbal Logic, Quantitative Logic, Analytical Logic, and respective subject. The current NAT Reasoning Test takes two hours. Possible scores range from 0 to (90 for NAT-I and 100 for NAT-II). There are two forms of the NAT:

Download Sample Papers or Past Papers of NAT

NAT - National Aptitude Test is for undergraduate admissions in many universities across the whole country.

The sample or past papers provided are based on interviews of past test takers. However; similar questions have been added to complete the paper.


NAT - I is used by the colleges and universities for undergraduate admissions. The minimum qualification to appear in the test is intermediate in any discipline. Six types of paper for candidates having 12 year education.


NAT II is used by the colleges and universities for graduate admission to evaluate candidate's suitability for the course. Five types of paper for candidates having 14 year education

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