SAT Reasoning Test

SAT Reasoning Test (or SAT I) is a standardized test which is used to assess academic knowledge and the analytical skills of the students. Its results allow the admissions committee to assess the readiness of the applicant to study at the universities for further education. SAT has to be taken not only by the foreigners but also by the U.S. citizens. And if want to enter the prestigious university you need to receive a certain passing score.

Structure and Lessons

Test Part Section No of Questions
Math Calculator Calculator Mathematics 38 Lessons
No Calculator Mathematics No Calculator Mathematics 20 Lessons
SAT Reading SAT Reading 52 Lessons
SAT Writing and Language Test SAT Writing and Language Test 44 Lessons

Articles for Preparation

What is SAT?   Lesson/Article SAT - Structure, Patterns and Scoring   Lesson/Article How to Identify Wrong use of Word?   Lesson/Article SAT: Identifying Errors in Sentence Structure   Lesson/Article SAT Writing and Language Test Words in Context   Lesson/Article The SAT Essay   Lesson/Article What Is Brainstorming?   Lesson/Article SAT - The Five-Paragraph Essay   Lesson/Article Sentence Clarity How to Write Clear Sentences   Lesson/Article How to Write Well What Makes Writing Good?   Lesson/Article How to Identify the Subject of a Sentence   Lesson/Article Supporting Details Definition and Examples   Lesson/Article How to Proofread an Essay for Spelling and Grammar   Lesson/Article SAT Reading Section Structure, Patterns and Scoring   Lesson/Article Identifying and Correcting Clause Errors   Lesson/Article SAT Reading Passages Types   Lesson/Article Analyzing a Literary Passage   Lesson/Article Author Purpose: Definition and Examples   Lesson/Article The Great Global Conversation Reading Passages on the SAT   Lesson/Article Structure of the SAT Math Section Structure, Patterns and Scoring   Lesson/Article Radicands and Radical Expressions   Lesson/Article Five Main Exponent Properties   Lesson/Article What is a Linear Equation   Lesson/Article How to Solve a Rational Equation   Lesson/Article What is an Inequality?   Lesson/Article What is a Function: Basics and Key Terms   Lesson/Article How to Solve Quadratics That Are Not in Standard Form   Lesson/Article Ratios and Proportions: Definition and Examples   Lesson/Article Density: Definition, Formula   Lesson/Article Parallel, Perpendicular and Transverse Lines   Lesson/Article Properties of Shapes: Triangles   Lesson/Article Understanding Bar Graphs and Pie Charts   Lesson/Article

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