Undergraduate Scholarship European Institute 2016-2017

Undergraduate Scholarship Competition at European Institute of Design in Italy, 2016-2017

For the 2016-2017 academic year, European Institute of Design is offering 110 scholarships for Italian students. These scholarships are available for pursuing undergraduate and professional training programs.

Course Level: Scholarships are awarded undergraduate courses and professional training program (biennial).

Study Subject: Scholarships are available in Design, Fashion, Visual Communication, Management and Communication, held in Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence, Venice, Cagliari, Como (Accademia Aldo Galli), Madrid and Barcelona.

Scholarship can be taken at: Italy

Eligibility: -Participation is strictly reserved to all Candidates- aged between 18 and 26 – in possession of high school diploma or equivalent qualification. Candidates with a IED diploma (or another issued by a similar school) are not eligible.

Nationality: Applicants from Italy can apply for these undergraduate scholarships.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirement: In order to be eligible for admission to a 1st Level Academic Diploma*, leading to an academic degree awarded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) students must:

  • -hold a Secondary School Diploma that:

a. satisfies the requirements to enter university education in the awarding country

b. was conferred on completion of min. 12 years of previous global schooling**

  • -be proficient in the language of the chosen course (Italian/English);
  • -not be enrolled to any other course in any other Academy or University;
  • -be 18 years old by the end of the year in which the course starts***;
  • -comply with Admission and Enrollment procedures;

Supporting Material

In order to be considered eligible, each candidate will be asked to provide:

  • -CV
  • -motivation letter in the language of the chosen course;
  • -Copy of passport;
  • -Certificate of knowledge of the language the course is taught;
  • -Concept as described in the briefing.
  • In order to participate to the Contest, the Candidate will have to fill a form of registration specifying the chosen course and the IED location.
  • -The Candidate will submit up to 5 images, pictures, scans or drawings of the Concept. Digital images must be supplied in Jpeg 72dpi format with a minimum width of 600 pixel, optimized for the Web (maximum 2Mb size).

How to Apply

The mode of applying is online. To participate in IED scholarships students are demanded to get registered and upload required documents not later than May 4th, 2016:

Step 1.

Step 2. Pick a course of choice.

Step 3. Get registered filling in the form available at – creativecontexts.com. Once registered, applicant receive an email confirmation with the credentials to enter Personal Area where they can upload required papers. A IED Advisor will contact them to support them in the process.

Step 4. Arrange the demanded papers – according to the brief – and sign the Regulations.

Step 5. Once the material collection is ready, enter Personal Area (using received credentials) and upload their project with the addiction of demanded papers.

Application Deadline: The application deadline is May 4, 2016.

<a href="//http://www.ied.edu/uncategorized/blog/undergraduate-courses-scholarships-competition-1617/19259" rel="nofollow">Scholarship Link for Further Information </a>

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