NTS GAT is an Easy Test

You want to be an MPhil! Of course then you need to qualify NTS GAT (Local GRE). GAT is a standardized aptitude test which is uniformly required by all institutes offering MPhil in any discipline. You have no escape, GAT is a requirement by HEC. You must have to qualify it for admission in any public or private university.

Is GAT difficult to Qualify?

You can judge yourself, what is meaning of score of 50 at percentile of 95? It is very common in almost every badge of GAT. 50 score in GAT is passing score and 95 percentile means only 5% of the applicants were able to get score of 50 or above. In every badge of GAT the number of applicants is almost 1000. 5% of this is only 50. Only 50 out of 1000 test takers were qualified on the GAT.
GAT is not a difficult or hard test, it requires technical and conceptual understanding of its own testing points. It evaluate your potential for future success so the hidden concepts are not realized by many of test takers.

Does Subject matter?

GAT is a standardized test. It evaluates all test takers on a common linear scale. It does not evaluate a particular topic of any subject rather it relies on general concepts. No mathematical or English concepts are checked on the GAT. So it is not of even a minor significance in which subject your educational background is. No matter you are graduate of social sciences, arts, or humanities, GAT is equally technical and general concept based for all.

What is Tested on the GAT?

GAT does not evaluate any subject matter rather it scales your level of understanding of general concepts and your analytical ability to explore something out of complex ideas. However; your English reading skill plays an important role.

You can Beat The GAT

You can perform well in the GAT, of course it is true. You must be keen enough to find the distinctions between fine shades of what is asked in a question. In my personal experience, many of the test takers know how to solve the questions, but they often trap into what is actually asked in the question. If the question is explained to them they solve it easily. They need a lot of practice questions with explanation to overcome the trap. The tips, tricks and short methods play significant role in solving the question in seconds.
If we talk about Analytical Section which is believed to be the most difficult section on the GAT. Actually it is not. However; it time taking. You can save time for this section if you save time in quantitative section by solving math questions quickly by applying short methods. Ambiguity of understanding the given situation and the conditions or rules is comparatively higher. Some words commonly used in this section has specific meaning. If you are not able to distinguish the specific meaning of must and could you cannot find the correct answer.

What to do?

First you should learn vocabulary. Download the vocabulary lists from the vocabulary section of this site and memorize. Learn short methods for math questions. Practice a lot of questions. Try to solve quickly. You can have all related item at www.thecatonline.com which can solve all of your problems.

Best of luck.
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