Press its Power and its Misuse

This world has seen the dawn various forms of government. Change is the law of nature and moreover, man is never satisfied with one thing and he wants novelty. He experimented with various forms of government and let them pass through the fires of trials and errors and ultimately he got an ultimate form evolved and it is nothing else but democracy.

Perfection is difficult to achieve and it should not be achieved because that will lead to stagnation and man’s inventive brain would get rusted. Democracy is a form of government that touches the outskirts of perfection. It is the only form that allows individual to live with dignity and it creates an atmosphere in which he has all the opportunities to feel himself at his best. In it will of the masses predominates. The story does end with here, the democracy to survive needs a constitution that guarantees liberties, obligations rights and duties , the right to the freedom of speech and freedom of expression. The right to the freedom of speech and freedom of expression is the backbone of any democratic set-up.