Admission and Employment Entry Test Preparation

This is EntryTest portal - a free Student Benefit Service. It offers updated information of schools, colleges, universities and other research institutions along with competitive exams, entrytest, and employment test preparation.

Similar to past papers MCQs practice. University test format and similar to past paper downloads.

Lessons & Practice MCQs

All sections of General Tests like NUST NET, IBA, NTS GAT, LSE, FAST, and many others. Topic lesson videos and practice sample paper MCQs.

10 Full Length (Grand) Tests

Take 10 full length (Grand) Tests with solution to every question (MCQ) with explanation videos.

Aptitude Tests

General tests required by the universities, colleges, or other learning institutions for the admission in professional degrees like BBA, MBA, Computer sciences and IT. BS and MS admission tests like NUST NET, IBA, LSE, FAST, GIKI, and many other can be prepared by any student from here.

Subject Tests

Subject tests play an important role in determining whether a prospect candidate will get admission in a desired university or college or not. Keeping in mind the level of degree, MDCAT, MCAT, ECAT, NUST NET, SAT-Subject, GRE-Subject, and GAT-Subject are common subject tests.

Employment Tests

Thousands of qualified persons in Pakistan seek jobs in some reputed organization. The top priority is given to permanent employment in Public sector organizations. The main hurdle in their way to a job of choice is the entry test. OTS, NTS, SBP, and many other employment tests

University Admissions

Search and find universities in provinces of Pakistan, in any discipline, and in any city. Admission and test preparation is the main focus of this website. The approach used in preparation of the test of the university is modular.

Colleges Admissions

Hundreds of colleges are in every big or medium sized city of Pakistan. Many International chains are also in operations in various cities of the country. Find the best college for successful career start in rapidly changing era.

School Admissions

Finding a best fit school for your child is essential to your kids wellbeing in Pakistan. Growing up in a multi-cultured and multi-lingual environment is a unique learning yet difficult to meet the standard. Luckily, Pakistan has many options.

CSS Exam and Preparation

Central Superior Services (Pakistan) exams prep material.

PMS Exam and Preparation

Prep for other Govt Superior jobs. Exam information and preparation.

Pakistan Forces Tests (ISSB)

Discussion about all preliminaries for ISSB - Pakistan armed forces selection test.

Practice MCQs

Practice MCQs for the preparation of General and Subject Tests. Question list and online tests.

Subject Refreshers

Subject refreshers for subject test preparation. Part of MDCAT, MCAT, ECAT, NUST NET, and other tests

Universities in Pakistan

Find universities in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and KPK. List of all major universities in all provinces.

Study Abroad - Admission and Visa

How to have admission and visa to study in some advanced country.

Major Tests and Test Taking best practices

Major General and Subject tests prevailing in Pakistan. Test taking techniques

Universities in Field of Study

Find universities in Pakistan in field of studies.


Express yourself after developing required skill.

How to win a Job

To have a job process is an art that you must learn.

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