Best Colleges in Pakistan

Hundreds of colleges are in every big or medium sized city of Pakistan. Many International chains are also in operations in various cities of the country. Education in Pakistan is rapidly growing. The intake of students is so large that many colleges are to set up branches in other cities as well. Many National Chains have set up in even the small cities.

Colleges are really the mile stones for the development of each city and the country as a whole. The standard of education in our colleges meets the international standards.

Selecting a College

It's important to select the right college, since higher education is an investment of your time and money. Also, you want to make sure the school meets your needs and will help you achieve your career goals. The key to finding a group of colleges that best match your preferences is to start early, identify the factors that are most important to you, cast a wide net, and continue to narrow down your choices based on additional information that you gather. Below are some factors that will help you select colleges that meet your needs. Try not to be too rigid in your preferences as they may change as you learn more about the colleges during the search process.

Don't Consider Top Positions

The top preference is given to the colleges holding o9ne or more top positions in the board exams. This should not be an ultimate choice factor. Special attention, special classes for some selected students is very common practice in Pakistan to have board position. More, college's influence in board's examination authorities also play role in having position of their some selected students. Consider the average result of all students of the college not the result of some selected students.


Some students wish to go to college in big city where they grew up. Others want to stay near their hometown. A strict adherence to a specific location can severely limit your college choices. It can be a good idea to consider some colleges outside the location that you currently prefer. Once you start learning about the colleges, your preferences may change, so it is best to keep an open mind. You may also find other factors that will take on greater importance than geography, so you do not want to eliminate a college before you consider whether it has some of the other attributes you are seeking. The very common example is that most of students from small cities in Punjab want to go to Lahore. On the basis of their geographic preference, they ignore other factors like difficulties in meeting the finance, boarding, traveling, and home sickness.


The undergraduate enrollment at a Pakistani college can range from as little as 200 students to as many as 2500 students. When determining what size college you wish to attend, consider a range of college sizes around what you believe is the ideal size. The larger the size of class or the size in the college as whole can affect the over all result of the college.

Public vs Private

Pakistani colleges are either privately or publicly funded. Since public colleges are supported and operated by provincial or federal government generally cost less than private colleges. Yet, attending a public college outside your home town will likely cost more than tuition at the college in your home town. In addition, enrollments and class sizes at public colleges tend to be higher than those at private institutions. Private colleges, on the other hand, are funded by tuition, fees, private gifts, corporate contributions, and endowments. Typically, this means that private colleges are more expensive than public colleges, though private colleges tend to offer more scholarships and grants, additional expenses often mean you will need to fund more of your education with parents savings.