Analytical Reasoning

In Analytical Reasoning section you will be presented with four odd situations, governed by seemingly arbitrary rules, and asked questions about how the situation may or may not be arranged, given the rules.
The Analytical questions are hard for two reasons.

Analytical Reasoning Practice Questions
  1. The test just is hard – there is a certain amount of hardness built right into the test that is basically unavoidable.
  2. The way most people take the test makes it even harder.

Obviously; We can’t avoid the built-in hardness unless we skip the test, so we have to prepare for it and know how to deal with it on the tests like ACT, NTS GAT, and NTS NAT. At the same time, we clearly don’t want to make the test any more difficult than it has to be, so we need to know how not to do the stuff that makes it harder.

Write Down The Rules

Questions involve a lot of information – not just the information the questions give you in the form of rules, but also the steps you need to remember to go through for the questions. If you try to manage all this information in your head at one time, you'll get confused and make mistakes. You'll also get tired, which will slow you down and make you more prone to make mistakes. We deal with the information the question gives us by writing it down so that we don't have to remember it. The more we rely on writing things down, the less we need to think. The less we think, the less open we leave ourselves to making mistakes and the less tired we get. In addition, we need not just to memorize all the steps for doing questions and so forth, we need to make these steps into habits.

Question Type is New to You

Although this may sound intimidating, everyone taking the GAT or NAT is in the same situation. You probably have never seen this type of problem during you academic career. No specific college course will prepare you for them, except perhaps mathematics.

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