Biology for Test Preparation

Biology is a major part of MCAT, NAT-IM, NAT-IIB, and GAT Subject. A test taker cannot be successful unless he/she does a lot of preparatory work in learning the concepts and practicing sample questions for Biology. Normally, we suggests a year-long course in Biology at the college preparatory level with a lot of practice questions of the same level. The test requires understanding of biological data and concepts. Here you can find lessons on key concepts.

Skills Required to Take Biology MCQ Tests

Ability to recall and understand the major concepts of biology and to apply the principles learned to solve specific problems in biology. Ability to organize and interpret results obtained by observation and experimentation and to draw conclusions or make inferences from experimental data, including data presented in graphic or tabular form or both.

Familiarity with the metric system of units.

The last section of each lesson includes practice questions for application of recently learned concepts.

Practice Questions

Test Prep Lessons With Video Lessons and Explained MCQ

Large number of solved practice MCQ with explanations. Video Lessons and 10 Fully explained Grand/Full Tests.

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