Reading Comprehension Paragraph 1

“Uncle,” said Luke to the old Sean “You seem to be well fed, though I know no one looks after you. Nor have I seen you leave your residence at any time. Tell me how you manage it?”

“Because” Sean replied, “I have a good feed every night at Emperor’s orchard. After dark, I go there myself and pick out enough fruits to last a fortnight.”

Luke proposed to accompany his uncle to the orchard. Though reluctant because of Luke’s habit of the euphoric exhibition of extreme excitement, Sean agreed to take him along. At the orchard, while Sean hurriedly collected the fruits and left, Luke on the other hand at the sight of an unlimited supply of fruits was excited and lifted his voice which brought Emperor’s men immediately to his side. They seized him and mistook him as the sole cause of damage to the orchard. Although Luke reiterated that he was a bird of passage, they pounded him mercilessly before setting him free.

Question 1

What does “bird of passage”; mean in the context of the given passage?

  1. There was a bird in the orchard
  2. Other people stole from the orchard
  3. Emperor knew him personally
  4. He did not visit orchard regularly
  5. Bird’s song alerted Emperor’s men

Answer and Explanation

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