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Ordering of Words or a word jumble is a word puzzle game that gives you a group of scrambled letters and requires you to unscramble them to make a real word. For example, if you were given the letters "m-o-c-t-e-r-u-p" you could unscramble, or un-jumble if you will, those letters to reveal the word computer. Word puzzles like word jumbles are great workouts to flex the muscles of the mind.

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Tips on Solving a Word Jumble

There are many hints, tips, and tricks that can help you to solve a jumbled word.

  • The first trick is to look for any letters that appear frequently together. These include consonants such as "ch," "sh," or "ph." They can also include vowel consonant combinations like "qu."
  • Another trick is to separate the consonants from the vowels and look at them separately. Sometimes looking at them away from one another makes the word become more obvious.
  • Yet another tip is to actually break out your Scrabble tiles, if you have them, and grab the same letters that you are given and try to make something from them. You can do this quickly online with the YourDictionary.com Words Finder.
  • You can also write the letters down like the numbers on the face of a clock. For some people, displaying the letters in this way can help them to see the word clearly.
  • Lastly, do a great deal of reading. Reading will help to improve your vocabulary. Therefore, make sure you read anytime you can.
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