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Critical reasoning questions test your ability to analyze logical arguments. The arguments cover a range of topics and situations which average GMAT-takers would be expected to be able to understand, even if they are not very familiar with the subject area.

Verbal critical reasoning (Logical Reasoning) tests are often described by job seekers as the most difficult type of aptitude tests. In most psychometric tests, you have to find or use key information in the text to answer the questions. For example, in many verbal reasoning tests, you are presented with a statement about a passage and then asked to decide whether the statement is true, false or cannot say. This means you are simply asked to find the statement in the text, basically a fact-finding mission. This generally isn’t the case in verbal critical reasoning tests. On critical reasoning tests, you only use the text as the basis of your understanding and not to actually answer the question. To answer the question correctly, you need to use your critical and logical thinking skills to decide whether different statements relating to the text are logical and compatible with the text or not.

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In very simple terms, many tests simply require you to find information. Once this is done, the question has been answered. In verbal critical reasoning tests, you have to take a further step to arrive at the answer.

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