Analytical Reasoning - Seating Arrangement

Video Lesson on Analytical Reasoning - Seating Arrangement

In this topic, there is a lot of raw data given. Based on this data certain conclusions are to be drawn.

The given raw data will help us to arrange the objects or people in a predetermined manner after performing necessary analysis over it.

Questions from this topic are asked in several Entrance Exams such as GAT, NAT, HAT, and many employment tests etc.


Should be familiar with all the directions. Refer the diagram given below.

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If a person is facing North, then "Your left and right" will be the same as the "Person facing North".

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If a person is facing South, then it will be a mirror image i.e. "Person’s Left" will be "Your Right" and vice-versa.

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In "Circular Seating Arrangement" when all the persons are facing inwards or center - then

  • Persons to his/her (specific person) left are in anti-clockwise direction.
  • Persons to his/her (specific person) right are in clockwise direction

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