PAF - Training and Colleges

The most important peacetime activity of a fighting force is training for war, but this aspect has a unique significance for the PAF. The mission of this service compels the PAF to train for combat with adversaries whose numerical strength and resources it cannot match. Accordingly, the PAF has traditionally organized its training program me with a view to achieve maximum utilization of human and material resources. Its training programmers aim at making up in quality what it lacks in quantity. These programmers draw heavily on the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the personnel who are entrusted to shoulder this onerous responsibility and who see to it that they prove equal to the task. The PAF always strives to employ the most scientific and advanced techniques for training its manpower. It trains to outwit, outfight and outshoot the enemy.

PAF Academy Risalpur

The candidates selected by the PAF proceed to the PAF Academy, Risalpur to fulfill their cherished dream of becoming the future Fighter Pilots or Aeronautical Engineers of the PAF. The PAF Academy is located at Risalpur which is a small town of the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan It is situated at about 8 KM from Nowshera, across the green bank of Kabul river, on the main road to the beautiful valley of Swat. The legendary Khyber Pass, the gateway to Central Asian Republics, lies to the north at a distance of about 90 KM. PAF Academy comprises two premier institutions of the PAF, the College of Flying Training and the College of Aeronautical Engineering. Both the institutions are well-equipped with modern workshops, laboratories, library classrooms and other academic facilities to classify them as distinctive institutions. The vast parade ground, immaculate Cadets’ Mess and living-in accommodation present a spectacle to behold. These institutions have bred generations of Fighter Pilots and Aeronautical Engineers for the PAF and other friendly countries.

CFT - College of Flying Training

In the CFT, the Aviation Cadets go through flying/academic training of 3 years. Over the years, the College has developed a modern, scientific and systematic program me of pilot training. It aims at equipping the Aviation Cadets with basic flying skills along with sound academic/professional background which eventually leads to the award of B Sc. degree. The College has two types of trainer aircraft namely MF1.17 Mushshak, which is being produced under license in Pakistan and T-37, which is jet trainer of American origin, Recently, another jet trainer K-8, a joint venture of Pak- China is being added to the training fleet of the Academy. The training on these aircraft is designed to produce pilots for Pakistan Air Force and friendly countries. The Aviation Cadets who successfully complete their flying training on MFI-17 and T-37 are awarded flying wings. The College is also entrusted to conduct regular courses of Admission and Special Duties, Meteorology, Accounts, Data Automation Officers and Branch List Permanent Commission. Additionally, the College imparts flying training to the officers of the sister services.

CAE - College of Aeronautical Engineering

The College of Aeronautical Engineering came into being after independence when an acute shortage of technical maintenance officers was felt in the PAF. En order to meet the immediate requirements of the engineering officers, a plan to establish an Aeronautical Engineering College was mooted and speedily implemented. The College was initially established at Korangi Creek in 1965. In 1986, the College as shifted from Korangi Creek to PAF Academy, Risalpur. The Aviation Cadets of Engineering Branch go through 3’,4 years training in the College of Aeronautical Engineering after which they get their BE degree in Aerospace or Avionics disciplines. At CAE the Aviation Cadets go through a system of education on the lines of United States Air Force Institute of Technology. The College is known not only for its excellent academic training but also for its well- designed leadership training programmers. Its graduates today lead most of the aerospace related departments of the PAP, Pak Army, PIA and civilian sectors.

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