PAF - Registration of the Candidates

To be eligible for appearing as a potential candidate for the PAF, you will have to fill Out the Registration, Form which will be processed by the computer and the computer will automatically register you as a potential candidate. Along with this Brochure, you will be given a Registration Form, an Enrollment Card and an Application Form (F-492S). The Enrollment Card will have a Roll Number which you must fill in the registration form and all future correspondence.

Extreme care has to be taken in filling out the registration form. The form should never be folded, stapled or damaged. The rectangles on the form have to be filled completely with black lead 2B pencil which you must bring along for the Intelligence and Academic tests. Please also bring along a foot ruler and an eraser.

A sample to show how to fill Out the Registration Form is attached with this Brochure If your roll number is 3549 and your name is Asim Khan, the card will be filled out as per the sample attached on the next page. Each number or alphabet will be marked on a separate horizontal row A line must never contain more than one blackened rectangle.

If the address is 13/F Abu Bakar Street, Islamabad, then blacken the rectangles for 1 in row number 1 and blacken 3 in row number 2. For the slash (I), in row number three, blacken the last box which contains the dash (—). For a space between two words, leave a line unmarked.

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