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Asking for a promotion ranks high on the list of life’s most anxiety-inducing activities. Putting yourself out there to higher-ups can be intimidating, and competition can be fierce, especially in the current economic climate. Even in a tough economy, it is possible to get raises and promotions, as long as you know how to present yourself and your skills. Asking for a promotion may feel like you are risking your current job standing. If the boss does not believe you are ready for the promotion, he may not feel you are capable of your current position either. This fear is normal, but typically unjustified. As long as you approach it correctly, you have nothing to fear from asking for a promotion.
Below are some sample letters for asking promotion to your boss.

A teacher asking promotion

365 Green Road
Bahawalpur, Punjab (Pakistan)
Date: _________________

Nauman Sarwer, Ph.D
Superintendent of Educators Schools
Regional Office
22 Shadbad Avenues
Lahore, Punjab (Pakistan) Dear Dr. Nauman Sarwer:

As you may know, I have been an Elementary Teacher with the Educator Schools since 2004. Currently I am at the Green Road School (Bahawalpur). Prior positions included Grade 2 and Grade 4 assignments in both self-contained and team teaching environments.

I hope you agree that my 8 years with the Educator Schools uniquely qualify me for the recently vacated Administrative Intern position. My strengths include: dedication, maturity, and flexibility; positive relationships with students, interns, parents, teachers, and administrators; classroom and supervisory experience; leadership experience in the Educator's Teachers Association; insight into the many ways teachers and administrators in Educator can collaborate for the betterment of the children.

I am very eager to be considered for this new challenge and look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the Educator Schools in a new capacity. I am enclosing a current resume for your convenience.

Sincerely yours,

Abdul Majeed Tingwani

Encl.: resume

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