Antonyms Questions and Vocabulary

The core of Antonym questions is English Vocabulary. However; finding the underlying relationship is the main factor after even you know the meaning of the words. Learning and memorizing word list is unavoidable. You must learn at least 1000 new words. To help you improve your vocabulary, this module offers various vocabulary-building resources. At the end of the module, you’ll learn useful tips for making the most of your time to learn new words for the test.

What are Antonyms?

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. For example, the antonym of dark is bright. Often words will have more than one antonym but depends on the context, tone, and style. For example, the word warm could have the antonym cool or chilly. To choose the correct antonym, you have to look at all the meanings and how the word is used. Cool can mean stylish as well as chilly so the word cool may not be the best choice. Understanding the meaning of an antonym is the easy part, it is finding the antonym that can be the hard part.

Beyond the Section

A large pool of words and their antonyms is also useful for solving the questions in sentence completion, analogies, and logical reasoning questions. Prepre lists for words and their antonyms in way that you apply them beyond the section of antonyms alone. The section normally appear in GAT and NAT in Pakistan. These tests also include other section where your list for antonyms can also be used in answering the questions.

English Vocabulary

You must understand that the root of Antonym section of the test. You cannot not perform well on this section if you do not have extensive vocabulary base. You must memorize a large number of new words, then you will be able to explore the insight of the Antonyms. You can download wordlists which are prepared by professionals in test preparation. All the lists are comprised of the words that often appear on the test.