English Language Training in Australia

English opens doors to more study options and international career choices. So what better way to learn English is there than in an English speaking country in a multicultural society?

English is the passport to further study throughout the world, as well as to international careers.
You can learn English in Australia as part of a formal course that prepares you for accredited levels of English language recognized by education and immigration authorities around the world. Alternatively, you can do a short course to improve your English language skills while visiting Australia as part of a holiday.

Language Literacy Skills in Australia

Students from more than 90 countries come to Australia every year to take advantage of the world leadership in English language courses. About 20 per cent of all international students in Australia enroll in English language training.

English Language Centers

Many students come to Australia to prepare for further study. All Australian universities and many Vocational and Technical Education colleges have their own English language centers. Where they do not, they have links with English language colleges. Foundation Studies is an excellent preparation for undergraduate university studies, which combines English language with other subjects.

Accommodation in Australia

Home stay is a popular option for accommodation in Australia, especially for students undertaking English language training. Living with a host family provides valuable opportunities to have conversations with home stay families in an English-speaking environment. Students can learn more quickly because they are constantly thinking and speaking in English in very practical situations.

Specialist English Language Tuition

Specialist English language tuition is offered by more than 210 institutions located all over Australia, in major cities as well as country centers. All have university qualified instructors, video and library facilities, and many have computer-assisted learning facilities for teaching English. Institutions cater for all standards, from beginner to advanced, through to the training of teachers of English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). The wide variety of specialist courses offered by Australian institutions means that there is a course to suit your level and your interest.

English language training courses and tests

English language courses

Students can enroll throughout the year. Full-time course duration generally ranges from four to 48 weeks and courses are taught at all levels of proficiency from beginner to advanced. English language courses comprise at least 25 hours of study each week. About 20 hours are spent in the classroom and the rest is supervised self-access study. These courses usually have flexible commencement dates. English language courses can be categorize as:

  • General English:  Improves practical English skills for work or travel. These courses develop communication skills, particularly speaking and listening, in a wide range of formal and informal situations.
  • English for Academic Purposes:   Prepares international students to undertake further studies in an English speaking environment. This course includes reading and writing skills for academic purposes, presentation skills and an introduction to research skills.
  • Secondary School Preparation:   Prepares overseas students who wish to enter a private or government Australian secondary school.
  • Examination Preparation:   Prepares international students to undertake international examinations such as IELTS, Cambridge and TOEFL.
  • English for Special Purposes:   Provides English language skills in the context of specific environments or vocations. Courses include English for Business, International Relations, Hospitality and Tourism, Health Professionals, and Computing and Information Technology.
  • Study Tour Programs:   Tailored for individuals or groups and provides the opportunity to learn English while enjoying travelling and exploring the many unique features of Australia. Some centres combine English language classes with sporting activities, such as scuba diving, golf, horse riding and sailing.

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