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Science Its Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the striking features of 20 century is the progress of is no section oh human society in which science has not brought revolution. But still the term is debated among the conscious people that whether science is blessing or it is a curse for humanity. The facts, which are drawn by systematic study, are applied practically for the welfare of mankind or for the destruction of humanity. For example a gun in the hand of a guard is used for the safety purposes but the same gun in the hand of a terrorist may take the life of many products of science. It is up to the human beings how they utilize them. Let us discuss how science serves humanity and how it is harmful for it.

Blessing of Science

Blessings of science are numerous. Science has completely changed the living style of man. Now man is living in a totally 18 century. From home to office, from farm to factory, form village to town, in short everywhere in life now we can see the unlimited blessing of science.

At home, we find that science has provided many comforts to the human beings. Whether it is kitchen, lounge, shaker, chopper, toaster and many other appliance have brought a revolution in the working of a kitchen and a housewife.

Although it is a fact that science can not fight with fate and it often fails to defeat nature yet it has done a lot to minimize the disastrous effects of nature. Scientists have invented such machines like air conditioner and heater that can give comfort to the man in hot summers and in extreme winters respectively. Now there are such instruments, which can warn man against floods, earthquakes and windstorm. After getting such warnings human beings are able to take preventive measures.

Science and Transportation

Traveling and transportation were very difficult and paining in the past but now the miracles of science have made the traveling a luxury. Now there are variety of means of transportation like buses, cars, trains and aero-planes that have decreased the distances and have made the journey a comfort. Now hundreds of people can travel from own country to the other country in one train or in one aero-plane. The distance that could be covered by the people in the months and years can be covered in hours and days.

The department of health is another important sector where we find science a real blessing. The discovery of many useful drugs and find science a real blessing. The discovery of many useful dugs and the invention of the new methods of treatment have now revolutionized the whole field. In the days of past epidemic cost millions of lives. If an epidemic broke out there was no effective remedy of it except death of the victim. Village after village and city appliances have made it easy to detect the causes of a disease. Scientific researches and experiments helped a lot to invent new methods of surgery and operation. Now laser is used for the treatment of many diseases. In the field of surgery, it is now not difficult for the surgeons to implant a new heart and new blood in the body of a patient. New parts can also be fixed now in place of disfigured and mutilated parts of the body. With the help of surgery cosmetic surgery has also been introduced to make those people beautiful who are not satisfied with their appearances or for those who have been the victim of any accident or some mishap. Genetic engineering has also shown miraculous and strange success.

The advantages of science are certainly numerous; we are living in an age, which is relatively safe as compared to past. We have overcome many difficulties, which were gigantic problems, in the past The forces of nature have been controlled and utilized for the serving of humanity. Winds, water currents, and sea tides are used for producing electricity. Electric appliances are now the part of our life. They benefit us individually and collectively. We are so used to them that with power break down we become disgusted and uneasy. Electricity is playing vital rote in or individual and national life. With the rapid increase of communicative techniques our world is going to become a global village. We are no longer in isolated circumstances. What happened at the other corner of the worlds came to be known within seconds. Scientific developments and cultural changes are introduced in other countries in seconds. An international culture is going to emerge with same traits. An incident that occurs miles away from us comes to out knowledge by telephonic talks or in the kind of radio waves or in the shape of film report on the air.

  • Atomic energy is used for many development purposes. It is the cheapest source of energy. Electricity can be produced by it. It is used for the purpose to cure cancer and other dangerous diseases. Low yielding tracts of land can be developed into high yielding fields with the help of atomic energy. For space explorations the rockets are sent. In these rockets atomic fuel is used. Atomic fuel is also used in submarines, which go deep in the sea for research purposes.
  • The production of luxury goods has made life easy to live. In summer season we can enjoy air-conditioned cars, railways and offices. In winter season heater provides warmth. Printing press is an important achievement of science. Books are make possible for next generations to get benefit form the research of their forefathers. Every morning we have fresh where it necessary. By paying nominal price we get information and education t our door.
  • Space explorations and sea discoveries are the result of scientific development. Superstitions of the past about sky and stars have been cast t0t he four winds. What was the symbol of mystery and awe is now the symbol of interest. What the romantic tales were weaved by the poets about the sky moon and stars are now proved futility of imagination. There is nothing magical the space. In space permanent satellite stations have established for research purposes. Man has landed on the moon. Now the space expeditions are ready for new horizons. The abode of gods in the past is now vanquished reign of man. It is the cheapest source to bring goods form o0ther countries . Sea explorers are striving hard to know about the species of sea. Rich oil fields have been discovered at the bottom of sea.
  • The population of the world is rapidly increasing. The demand of food is also increasing with the increase of population. To meet the growing demands scientific techniques are applied in agriculture. Rainwater is stored and used for irrigation and drinking. Canals are constructed t o carry water to barren areas. System of irrigation is developed on the basis of mechanical methods for the optimum utilization of water resources. Tube wells have replaced the water wells, a sluggish way of irrigation in the past. To make soil rich chemical fertilizers are used to save crops from insects various pesticides are invented. Now per hector yield is ten times more than the past. Latest developed method of science has made it possible to get fruits without season. New kinds of wheat, sugarcane, grams and pulses have been introduced that are more yielding.
  • The affect of science on our day to day life is great. Modern scientific methods have made our access to the facts easy and convenient. For instance our administration is using developed methods to find out the hidden causes of crime. Crimes investigations department is applying latest scientific methods to investigate. The impact of science in our life is certainly great.

The progress in the information technology is also one of the great blessings of science. Now this is the age of information technology in which computers are used to spread out maximum information and knowledge all around the world instantly. Through the facility of Internet now a common man can get access to the latest information about the happenings of the world. Now people can make friends who are thousands miles apart with the help of Internet. There is no field of modern life in which computer is not being used whether it is the agriculture department, business, education or defense sector, computers have made the working easier, modern and more advanced.

Disadvantages of Science

The useful instrument of science may be used for bad purposes, No doubt with the advent of scientific era some scientific ills concurrently come with its blessings. The problem of pollution is at top of the list in this concern. Our industries are producing chemicals for rapid industrial development but at the same time what the smoke they emit is highly poisonous for every kind of life. The water, which is used in chemical plants, is dangerous for us all. Chemicals refuse is another problem. Our global environment is going to become dangerous day by day. Scientists have diverted the attention of the people of the world towards the dangerous hole of ozone layer that prevents dangerous ultraviolet sun rays to come to the earth.

The sound of factory machines is producing noise pollution, which is our hearing faculty.

The advantages of science are less than disadvantages. The deadly weapons which have been developed with the help of modern scientific methods can finish this world of ours in an instant. The world has seen the examples of two Japanese cities. Biological weapons are more dangerous than atomic weapons; chemical weapons are even more deadly and lethal. The countries of the world are producing more for destruction than the construction. Millions of scientists are working for developing more deadly weapons. Missiles are produced in the cloth of seasonal rockets.

In this age of progress and prosperity man has become a mechanical device. He works in fixed pattern; his movements are like mechanical man. This new era has produced in man, craftiness cunningness and inhumanity. He has to take pili to rest and sleep. Man is going to be devoid of manliness.

Medical science inspite of its all boasted success has badly failed to cure some chronic diseases. Despite the hectic efforts to control floods, water is still a major natural calamity. Television, which provides recreation programs, has adversely affected the activities of youth. They gave more time to television than sports and study.

The aero-planes that are used to carry passengers from one place to another are effectively used for bombing over cities and other civil installations. Tanks are ever ready to trample down the crops and men. Guns see no friends or foes because whenever they are fired they bring destruction. Through factories chemical pollution is producing global warming that will ultimately bring floods and devastation.

Electronic media and printing media are the organs of propaganda of various governments; they are breeding hatred between nations and different sections of society. The obscene pictures are creating a polluted society with degenerated culture. Moral norms are also on the decline. Sex lessons are taught with lustful scenes. Carnal desires are giving spur by various methods.

Science is knowledge of observation and analyzing facts. There is nothing good or bad with science. It is like knife, which may be used to cut branches of trees or vegetables and at the same time could be used to cut the throat of a man. It is all to man how he uses it.

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