LUMS: NOP - National Outreach Program

LUMS aims to provide equal academic opportunities to people of all social walks across Pakistan. A new initiative - the "National Outreach Program" was launched in 2001, with the objective of providing educational opportunities to bright and talented students from smaller cities, villages and inner city areas of large urban centers, who are unable to meet the Program's regular fee requirement. Deserving students with exceptional Matric and FA/FSc results (80% and above) are encouraged to apply through the National Outreach Program for a four year Undergraduate Program.

NOP Application Procedure

The applicants need to submit their National Outreach Program (NOP) application forms after receiving their matriculation results. After being selected on the basis of this test the students are coached and registered for the entrance test, fully funded by LUMS. Finally, the students who apply to LUMS and qualify on merit, are offered admission on full scholarship. All students, whether they apply directly or through National Outreach Program (NOP), are evaluated on the same criteria. As regards assessment of financial need, a review committee has been established to ensure transparency in the process of awarding scholarships to all those who qualify for the admission through the National Outreach Program (NOP).

NOP Dates and Deadlines

Normally, NOP application date is announced in the month of November to February.

Eligibility Criteria

  • At least 80% marks or A+ Grade in Matriculation exam
  • Financial need

NOP Evaluation Test and Its Preparation

Students take the NOP Evaluation Test. It comprises of two sections English and Mathematics. Each section has multiple-choice questions. The duration of the test can be 75 to 90 minutes. Students are shortlisted on the basis of their performance in this test.

NOP Quantitative

Problem Solving

NOP problem solving questions are designed more to test your understanding of underlying mathematical concepts than to test your ability to actually carry out quantitative procedures accurately. Fortunately for many test takers, advanced quantitative topics, such as trigonometry and calculus, are not tested on the NOP. To score well, you only need to be familiar with basic arithmetic, geometry, and algebra, as taught at the high school level.

NOP Verbal

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension questions are meant to test your understanding of the implications, meanings, and structures presented in the passages. You can expect to see 2 to 4 passages of 200 to 400 words each, in the verbal section of the NOP exam. Each passage will be followed by 4 questions. Because the NOP is now a computer-adaptive test, you will only see 1 question at a time. The passage, however, will remain on your computer screen until you have answered all of the questions related to it.

Sentence Correction

NOP sentence correction questions are designed to test your ability to identify written English that is grammatically-correct. Each question will begin with sentences, parts of which have been underlined. You will then be presented with 5 different answer choices presenting alternative ways of stating the underlined portion of the text. One answer choice will repeat the text without any changes (meaning that the sentence is clear in meaning and grammatically correct as written). The other choices will re-write the text, sometimes in subtle ways.

Sentence Completion

Each question contains one or two blanks, and you have to find the best answer choice to make the sentence make complete sense. Be sure to study the sentence carefully so that you notice all the clues built into the sentence. On the actual test the sentence completion questions will be graded from easy to hard.


A word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another word. Synonymy is the sense relation that exists between words with closely related meanings.

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