Learn Analogies Questions with Lessons and Download MCQs

Analogies test your ability to find the relationship between a pair of given words and then identify a pair of words from the answer choices that has the same relationship.
Each analogy question should take approximately 20 seconds.


Each question below consists of a related pair of words or phrases, followed by five pairs of words or phrases labeled A through E. Select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.
Analogies are tested on verbal part of NTS GAT and NAT

For taking lesson, follow the steps

Step 1: Vocabulary

The exam tests the vocabulary of a student very efficiently. The questions are designed to measure the depth of a student's vocabulary. Along with the vocabulary, the reasoning abilities and alertness of a student is also put to test.
In order to increase one's vocabulary, it is advised that the student reads a lot on a daily basis and makes an effort to learn the difficult words. Not only should you learn these words, you should look up for their opposites as well.

Step 2: Analogies

With analogies, you are looking for similar relationships, not similar meanings. Analogy questions do not ask you to look for words that have the same meaning as the word in capital letters.
Here you can find lessons with practice questions to deal with the Analogy questions.

Step 3: Practice Questions

A set of practice questions has been given so that you may have a hand on the Analogies section with practice. Take the Analogies practice question and check your answers with the correct answer.

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