Learn to deal Synonyms Questions on the Test

Synonyms are words that mean the similar of another word. Theseare a part of the verbal section of the test. In the questions a word is given in the question for which the student is required to find out the word similar in meaning out of the given options.
Synonyms may not be exactly similar to the given word, but they could mean something similar. Synonyms are generally nouns, adjectives or verbs. The options for these Synonyms can be words or in some cases even phrases. Moreover, a word might have more than one synonyms. That is why good vocabulary is required to answer the Synonyms correctly.

For taking lesson, follow the steps

Step 1: Vocabulary

The exam tests the vocabulary of a student very efficiently. The questions are designed to measure the depth of a student's vocabulary. Along with the vocabulary, the reasoning abilities and alertness of a student is also put to test.
In order to increase one's vocabulary, it is advised that the student reads a lot on a daily basis and makes an effort to learn the difficult words. Not only should you learn these words, you should look up for their opposites as well.

Step 2: Synonyms

The Synonyms can be attempted only if the student has enough knowledge about words and their similar words. Synonyms may not be exactly similar to the given word, but they could mean something similar. The most common mistake done by students is that they confuse Synonyms with antonyms. That is why the basis should be clear. You are not looking for a word having a similar meaning to the given word, but a word that is similar in meaning. Learn and memorize word lists to prepare synonyms

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