Bloomfield Hall School Bh Secretriate - Lahore

Branch Campus
In the physical jurisdiction of BISE dealing college level education in Lahore
13-A, S Block Gulberg II - Lahore
042 - 35764687 / 35764290
Punjab (Pakistan)

Classes and Admissions 2020 - 2021

Bloomfield Hall School Bh Secretriate is a Private college in Lahore which offers Arts and Science classes. BHS is a(n) English Medium college.
The classes in this campus of Bloomfield Hall School Bh Secretriate are Gender Neutral.
Admissions 2020 and 2021 are expected to be based on the following schedule.

Admission Procedure

For all candidates for admission in Bloomfield Hall School Bh Secretriate Lahore, it is mendatory to appear in a written test.

About Bloomfield Hall School Bh Secretriate - Lahore

Bloomfield Hall School Bh Secretriate is belong to Multi-National chain of colleges operating in many countries successfuly. Here in Pakistan it has branches/campuses in many cities.
You can find admission office of this campus physically at 13-A, S Block Gulberg II, Lahore (Punjab). Its web address is and telephone number is 042 - 35764687 / 35764290.

BHS in a Glance

The school was established in 1984 by educationalists from the UK and Pakistan. The list includes Nadeem Qasir who has written Pakistan: The Political Economy Since 1947 and Angela Williams, who has experience in the education field, is a free-lance journalist. Her articles can be found in the newspapers of Pakistan including the Daily Times. Since its establishment, Bloomfield Hall has opened schools in cities of Pakistan. It has assisted in the provision of higher education in Pakistan. In Lahore, one of its sister institutions, University College Lahore, offers degree programs of the University of London in disciplines including economics, management, accounting, law and information system.

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