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The state education system for all of Bedfordshire used to be organized by Bedfordshire County Council. Unlike most of the United Kingdom, Bedfordshire County Council operated a three-tier education system arranged into lower, middle and upper schools.
Children normally begin their primary education at a lower school which serves the area where they live i.e. the school serving the local catchment area. Children are normally admitted to lower school at the start of or during the Reception year, that is the school year in which they become 5. Many schools also have nursery units or nursery classes for younger children.
Children normally transfer at 9+ (the end of Year 4) to the middle school serving the local catchment area and then at 13+ (end of Year 8) to the catchment area upper school. All upper schools have a 6th form and pupils may remain at the school up to the age of 18 or 19 years. div>

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