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Wide range of educational opportunities are established in Cambridgeshire. School education starts from Nursery, primary to special schools. There are also 2 universities, 8 sixth form colleges and 8 other colleges. There are 225 schools are maintained by Cambridgeshire country. Cambridge primary gives education to 5-11 years old students and develop science skills and other skills in all learners. Following are the Cambridge progression: Cambridge Primary: (5-11 years) Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Primary Checkpoint, Cambridge ICT Starters Cambridge Secondary 1: (11-14 years) Cambridge Secondary 1,Cambridge Checkpoint,Cambridge ICT Starters Cambridge Secondary 2: (14-16 years) Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge O Level, Cambridge ICE Cambridge Advanced: (16-19 years) Cambridge International AS and A Levels Cambridge AICE Cambridge Pre–U v>

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