Problem Solving

What Are Problem Solving Questions?

Problem solving questions assess how well you can solve numerical problems, interpret graphs and tables, and evaluate information. In plainer language, problem solving questions are the “traditional” math question type that you’ll see on alomost all general tests.

Problem solving questions look a lot like the math questions you’ve seen on other tests. Problem solving questions are all multiple choice questions, with four or five different answers. Depending on the content tested, problem solving questions may be presented as an equation, a word problem, a diagram, a table, or a graph.

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Contrary to popular belief, the quantitative section doesn’t test on advanced math concepts. The quantitative section tests your content and analytical knowledge of basic math concepts, such as arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. The same holds true for problem solving questions – you’ll be asked to apply your knowledge of high school math concepts to questions that are presented in a more challenging and analytical way.

All sections of Problem Solving

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