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Interviews are Important Throughout Life

The word interview (French : earlier form enterview (e), entrevoir see each other (formed on entre : between inter+vior : to see, vue: view) means meeting of persons face to face; a mutual view or sight; a formal meeting; a conference, now especially with a view to ascertaining suitability before entering on an engagement; a conference with a notable or notorious person.

Ours is an age of competition. At the very outset, this fact defies analysis that the process of interviews is of a paramount importance, especially in this age. It is the final touchstone for assessing the personality and knowledge of a person. Interviews have become part and parcel of man's every day life. It is an instrument or a method of self-expression which enables him to make his superiority over others. It is a special kind of communication, in which the interviewee endeavors to create a favorable impression on the interviewer.

Interviews are Important

The interview has become an essential part of every important competitive examination. After written papers have been valued, interviews, of a certain number of topmost successful candidates are held to decide finally about their fate. Viva-Voce discloses candidate's mental alertness, initiative, self-confidence, etc.

In this strict competitive age, a good impression created in course of an interview supports a candidate to stand out and capture chance to get education in a better school, college or university. Later in life, it supports him to get a good job if he wishes to take a job or obtain good business if he wants to be on his own.

It is clear that in this age of competition, only the fittest survive. Interviews have become more important than ever before. The whole human life, so to say, has become a series of interviews. In each one of these interviews, one who seeks to succeed must give one's best. Success begest success. Opportunities help men to develop their best-selves, make their own marks, be happy and cause others to be happy.

Giving Winning Interview is an Art and a Science

Interview is at once a science and an art. A good interview does not just happen. It is the outcome of the conscious and unconscious work of long month and years. To do well in an interview, a man must try to master the necessary preparations to make the average meeting good, the good better and the better best.

More and more can be learnt about a person in a brief interview than through his answer books on different subjects. An article can better be judged at a glance than through statement of its qualifications in its absence. A judgment can easily be formed at an interview because it calls significant and revealing than the written test. One may not be desirable in answering written questions but may not be desirable otherwise.

Successful Interview

A successful interview of a few minutes may enable a candidate to win a decent career. It may carry him from the list of qualified candidates to that of selected candidates or even from the bottom of such a list to higher positions and ultimately to comparatively better services. On the other hand, a little bit of deficiency may turn the scales against him.

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