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Practical Aspects of Interview

The list of "personal qualities" and "potentialities" that are furnished in a "brief-sheet" in front of each Member is as follows:

Personal qualities

  • Mental alertness
  • Hearing and understanding power of observation.
  • Intelligence and ability to understand and utilize ideas
  • Power of expression
  • Clearance of speech
  • Sense of humor
  • Judgment---the practical mind
  • How does the candidate spend his leisure time - creative uses of time and hobbies
  • Manners and bearing
  • Physique, appearance - cleanliness, neatness, befitting dress


  • Ability to learn - attempt to improve himself
  • Imagination
  • Aptitude
  • Resourcefulness
  • self-control
  • Ambition - eagerness to succeed
  • Frankness, truthfulness and rectitude
  • Balanced personality
  • whether the candidate is aggressive or submissive
  • Will the candidate insist on his opinions and rights and still retain goodwill?
  • Grade by Member
  • Result of discussion with psychologists in case of differences of opinion
  • Final marks
  • Signature by the Member

Note - For CSS and PPSC Candidates

It has been noticed that candidates appearing at the Federal Public Service Commission examination are very desirous to know the following practical aspects of the Federal Public Service Commission viva-voce examination.
  • The weight of the psychological report
  • Whether the Members have the written marks of the candidate in front of them while interviewing the candidates
  • How does the FPSC mark the candidates in their interviews
Several other questions like these are asked by such candidates from those who have already taken chance and have succeeded. Although information of such questions is not important to get high marks in the Federal Public Service Commission interview, however, it will be helpful for the candidates.

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