Boost your Memory

  1. Introduction How you boost your Memory
  2. What You Should Know About Remembering
  3. The Memory Methods
  4. Remembering the Social Sciences
  5. Remembering the Physical Sciences
  6. Remembering the Life Sciences
  7. Remembering Mathematics
  8. Remembering Literature
  9. Remembering Material for Standardized Tests

Learning the Methods

This section is carefully constructed to take you step by step from basic concepts to an understanding of several useful memory strategies .

To learn these memory strategies, you must actually work through each exercise. Simply reading through the material is not enough. Only by exercising your mental muscles can you make these strategies your own . As you study this section remember that you learn best when you divide your work into manageable chunks .It is natural to want to develop these memory skills quickly so that you can put them to use .

However, because the concepts and exercises in this section require a fair amount of mental energy, you should pace yourself to avoid "burnout." Most of the exercises in this section suggest a 15-minute delay before you take the memory test . To test your long-term memory, you may want to retake the test 24 or 48 hours later .