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Communication and Cultural Studies (M.Phil and Ph.D)

  • Communication and Cultural Studies (M.Phil and Ph.D)
Recent years have seen an explosion worldwide in the various programs in Communication and Cultural Studies -- an interdisciplinary field addressing a wide range of issues including questions relating to media, ethnicity, class, gender and power, as well as meanings and values. Both dimensions of the program -- Communication and Cultural Studies -- are by now established disciplines in many universities.

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Nevertheless, they draw their strength from many related areas such as anthropology, literary criticism, sociology, history, philosophy and political traditions of thought. Communication studies applies itself to all those aspects of human activity involved in the production and exchange of messages. It is the study of symbols, codes and media that shape and give expression to various forms of discourses. Its theoretical and methodological perspectives draw on the interdisciplinary approach to, and an analysis of, contemporary cultural life -- its signs, messages and meanings in, for example, popular culture and mass media. Cultural Studies focuses on the social construction of subjectivity and spans a diverse range of issues -- from analysis of power relations in everyday life to an engagement with global culture.

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