Accounting, Banking, Finance, and Insurance Career Options

Accounting, Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Investments are fields that go hand in hand. With increasing reliance on the world on business and economy, these are definitely the careers of the choice of many people.

They all are the interrelated field and you need have an education in commerce or accounts to get a seat in one of the institutes to learn about these courses in details. These fields’ gives a proper understanding of the global economy, daily challenges of market and career in any of them provide an opportunity to work within the country and abroad. There is going to be a huge demand in upcoming years due to new banks opening up and many people are getting insurance done than before. A graduate degree holder can also work as a sales executive for loans, mortgages, and insurance with any of the banks and gain the opportunity to learn and teach. You need to good communication skills, interactive skills, and convincing skills.

specialization in Bachelor’s degree program

Accounting, banking, finance, and insurance courses are being offered by the government as well as private institutes as they provide the right concepts, tools, techniques to be used in the industry. There is specialization being offered by institutes in bachelor’s degree course as follows:

  • Management of Financial Services
  • Micro Economics
  • Effective Banking Communication
  • Quantitative Techniques in Banking
  • Organizational behavior in banking organizations
  • Taxation of Financial Services
  • Laws relating to Banking and Insurance
  • Cost Accounting
  • Equity Debt Management
  • Corporate Laws governing Capital Markets
  • International Business Management
  • HRM in Banking Organizations
  • Strategic Planning in banking

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