How to search a job?

Video Lesson on How to search a job?

The best-fit job searching is the most vital step in your career.

You finished your studies thinking about your dream job. Now, as you are out of college its time to look out for that job and prove yourself competitive for it. There are certain things which you must keep in mind as a job seeker and hunt accordingly.

Set a goal for your job hunt

Rather than applying to every job published in the newspaper or on the Internet it is better that you try to analyze your candidature and skills & understand the type of profile you can fit into. Apply to opening relevant to your interest, your chances of success will increase.

Hunt job at all relevant places

The corporate world today has changed a lot. The openings are not published just in the newspaper. The internet has become a very strong medium for interaction between the companies and the candidates. Similarly, placement consultants also play a vital role. Apply to relevant jobs through newspapers, placement websites and consultants. Float your CV in the market for the companies and consultants to consider it for their requirements. Don't miss attending the job fares.

Stay prepared

An opportunity doesn't see time to knock at your door. Keep yourself prepared to answer an interview call at any time. Don't miss on the opportunities because of your lazy attitude.

Follow up your job application

If you have applied to a company for a job and have not heard from them in 10-12 days, it is a good idea to follow up your application with the concerned person. This will give you an idea about the status of your application and also help you in proving your seriousness for the particular job.

Try to get in touch with the decision maker

Try to look out for the decision maker and send your application directly to him/her unless asked to send at a particular address.

Don't over stress with your job hunt

Don't let job hunt overpower you. Good things take time to come. Keep trying and be patient.

Avoid negative thinkers

Keep yourself away from negative thinkers. Being surrounded by negative thinkers reduces your level of confidence and chances to perform properly in the interview.

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