Aeronautical Engineering Career Options

Aeronautical engineering, a sub-field of aerospace engineering deals with designing, manufacturing of aircraft. As an aerospace engineer, you would be studying, researching and building the machines that have the capability to fly.

Find out about the Aeronautical Engineering Career options after 12th and graduation in Pakistan and abroad.

Find out what is aeronautical engineering? Get the details about courses like UG Programme in Aircraft Maintenance, B.Tech Avionics, Aerospace Engineering etc. Also, find the information about Pakistan and international aeronautical engineering colleges for graduation and higher studies, eligibility, potential employers, career growth and earning potential in this industry.

Aeronautical engineering is the branch of Aerospace Engineering. It is one of the most challenging and growing fields which deals with the modern technology involved in research, aviation, defense systems and space technology. It consists of several different phases of designing, constructing, developing, testing and maintenance for commercial as well as for other technological fields such as spacecraft, aircrafts with their components. A career in this field requires designing of highly sophisticated technology system and then manufacture it. It requires both manual and technical people to carry out day to day operation, for these people are divided into teams and they work under the supervision of senior engineers. It also requires good aptitude, mathematical communication skills, and technical expertise. It is one of the highly paid fields but the work is demanding as well. Aeronautical engineering requires a high level of physical fitness and dedication to carry out the work at top-most level. This field has a wide scope in Aviation Sectors, Aircraft Manufacturing Industries, Defence research labs and other Development areas.

Institute of Space Technology is the pioneer institute in Pakistan for B.E. to Ph.D. level programs in Aeronautical Engineering.

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