This category is specially designed for students coming from Madrassa background (Shadat-Ul-Aalmiya) or equivalent having equivalence from Higher Education Commission (HEC) and desired to seek admission in M. Phil/MS/LLM disciplines.

Merit Score of GAT D

Madarssa students have comparatively less competence in almost all sections of the test. The merit score lies somewhere between 50 to 55.

Structure and Lessons

Test Part Section No of Questions
Quantitative Reasoning Word Problems 27 Lessons
Verbal Reasoning English Correction 8 Lessons
Verbal Reasoning Reading Comprehension 8 Lessons
Verbal Reasoning Analogies 10 Lessons
Verbal Reasoning Antonyms 10 Lessons
Verbal Reasoning Synonyms 6 Lessons
Verbal Reasoning Fill in the Blanks 8 Lessons
Analytical Reasoning Logical Reasoning 4 Lessons
Analytical Reasoning Analytical Reasoning 16 Lessons
Quantitative Reasoning Geometry 3 Lessons
Analytical Reasoning with Explained Questions
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