What is GMAT CAT?

Many students are needlessly afraid of the computer-adaptive GMAT. Although the delivery system and format are different from those of the paperand-pencil test, the types of questions are still the same. So don’t be concerned about the computer-adaptive GMAT; be prepared! The test focuses on your score range and creates a more accurate score.

This module features a careful analysis of each exam area followed by strategies, techniques, and practice problems categorized by level of difficulty to help you maximize your score. Taking, reviewing, charting, and analyzing a specially designed simulation computeradaptive type GMAT will give you invaluable insight into the GMAT CAT as well as outstanding test practice. All tests and practice problems have answers and complete explanations.

This CAT format offers many benefits

  • The test focuses on your score range and creates a more accurate score.
  • You have the option of canceling the score immediately after the test (before you see your score). If you accept your score, you will have immediate access to your math and verbal scores.
  • You take the test in a private cubicle instead of in a classroom.
  • You can schedule the test at your convenience, instead of taking it on set days.

Better scores result from thorough preparation. Because this new-format exam adapts to your ability level, you must use your study time more effectively than ever before to get thorough preparation and raise your level. You need the most comprehensive test preparation guide available to give you that extra edge. It must be complete, direct, precise, and easy to use, giving you all the information you need to do your best on the GMAT CAT.

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