ISSB Group Planning Task 2

You ten people come to visit the sea resort at 12 noon. A man tells you that a ship is sinking in the ocean and three women have gone up the deck for safety. The women have lot of jewellery with them.

What will you do?

  1. You are to rescue the women on the sinking ship.
  2. The women have jewellery with them. You are to plan in a way that they do not lost their jewellery during rescue.
  3. Arranging the way to access the sinking ship.

Steps of Your Planning

Follow the pattern described in the previous task example. Keep eyes on the given picture of the situation to utilize the resources.

Time Constraint

Do not forget the time of actiion. You have limited time to rescue because the ship is sinking. If the plan is not quick action than it is possible that the women get drowned.

How many You are?

The number of persons you are is an important clue. Use all people effectively.

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