GRE Chemistry

First of all you must be aware of the topics of the GRE Chemistry subject test. The test is simpler for you to plan your preparation strategies. Find out in which area of subject you feel comertable and how clear your concepts are and how thoroughly you shall have to study. You have option to prepare it effectively. You may choose to either study yourself or attend some GRE Chemistry subject test coaching classes.

You must cover all the topics discussed in the contents of the GRE Subject Chemistry. During the preparation you must focus on the types of questions which in the test. As you are to deal MCQs, you shall have to go through the minutest details of the subject matter. Chemistry requires a lot of learning and for the multiple choice questions you shall have to concentrate on practice questions. Invest a good amount for time everyday in studying.

Consequently, the emphases of the four fields indicated in the following outline of material covered by the test should not be considered definitive.

GRE Chemistry Sample Questions

Practice questions play an important role in your preparation. You can download standard practice question from here for the familiarity of the test questions.

Download Sample Questions

Major Topics in GRE Chemistry


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