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The candidate should bear in mind that he is independently assessed by the psychologist, the Group Testing Officer (G.T.O) and the interviewing Officer in their respective tasks. He should therefore, ensure that his performance in any one of these tasks does not inhibit or adversely influence his performance in the other tasks. In other words even if the candidate feels that he has not done so well or well in one of these tasks, he should not on that account give up hopes, but must endeavour to do his best in other tasks with a carefree and open mind.

His performance in the subsequent tasks can easily make up for his poor performance in earlier tasks. Especially, before going for the interview, the candidate should be fully relaxed without any pre-occupation or worry in his mind. This would help him to be cheerful, alert, interested and communicative. Remember that to return with a smile in your face, you must walk in with a smile in your face.

Some Important Tips and Advices For Guidance

  • Be punctual about the timing for the various tests
  • Be smartly dressed i.e., the dressshould be clean, sober and neat
  • Be frank and straight forward i.e., never bluff or deceive
  • Be friendly and amiable to all
  • Be in your natural from throughout and do not have any artificial or assumed airs or creat any halo of pseudosnobbery or aristocracy around yourself
  • Your selection depends entirely on how you fare in the tests
  • Be bold (but not over confident) and assert yourself whenever necessary (i.e. as and when the occasion arises)
  • Never let yourself be unnerved or disheartened
  • Never shirk any work
  • Depend on your own merits and never appeal in the Board's sympathy
  • Maintain yourself in high spirits throughout your stay at ISSB

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