ISSB - Testing Schedule

The I.S.S.B. follows a standard programme of testing schedule for the normal for day testing of the candidates. The four day period consists of two half days (the afternoon of the first day and the fore-noon of the last day) and three full days (the second, third and fourth days). The preliminaries are completed on the first day and the psychologicial tasks on the second day. The pilot's Aptitude Tests where relevant will be administered after preliminaries are over on the first day. Thereafter, the G.T.O. Tasks and Interviews are carried out during the subsequent days. The conference takes place on the fifth day and the results are announced soon after the conference.

The normal full length testing programme may be altered or shortened to meet special requirements, especially in the context of the emergency. The general scheduled testing programme is as follows:

First Day (Afternoon only)-Preliminaries

  • Reception
  • Roll call and allotment of Chest Numbers
  • Photo
  • President's Opening Address
  • Filling up of the Board's Questionnaire and other forms if any
  • Aptitude Test (at A.F. Selection Board if applicable)

Second Day-Psychologist's Tasks

  • Intelligence Tests (Verbal) : Number of Questions: 80 , Time allowed: 35 minutes
  • Intelligence tests (matrices) : Number of Questions: 60 , Time allowed: 25 minutes
  • Word Association Tests : 50 words , Time allowed: 15 seconds to see and write a sentence on each words
  • Thematic Apperception Tests : 12 Pictures , Time allowed: 1/2 minute to see and 3 minutes to write, for each picture
  • Psychological Situational Test (Story of THEO or Mr. 'X'): Number of Questions: 50 , Time allowed: 25 minutes
  • Self description and self appraisal : Time allowed: 10 minutes

Third Day - G.T.O. Tasks and Interview

  • Group Discussion Two topics : Time allowed: 10 minutes for each topic
  • Group Planning Exercise One problem: Time allowed: 10 minutes for individual written solution and thereafter another 10 minutes for discussing and finalizing the Group Plan.
  • Progress Group Tasks Four obstacles: Time allowed: 40 minutes
  • Group Obstacle Race (Snake Race) 50 bstacles: Time allowed: No time limit

Fourth Day -- G.T.O. Tasks and Interviews


The candidate will be interviewed individually on the third, fourth, fifth day. There is no fixed time limit for the interview and in a way it depends on the performance of the individual during the interview.
  • Half Group Tasks One obstacle: Time allowed: 5 minutes for each Half Group
  • Individual Obstacle 10 obstacle: Time allowed: 3 minutes for each candidate as Commander
  • Command Task One obstacle: Time allowed: 5 minutes for each candidates as Commander
  • Speech Test One subject to be chosen out of three given to the individual: Time allowed: 3 minutes to prepare and 3 minutes to talk

Fifth Day (Forenoon Only) -- G.T.O. Tasks and Interviews

  • Final Group Task: Same as progressive group task
  • G.T.O's Informal Talk to the candidates
  • Conference and announcement of results

Announcement of Results

The final results will be announced on the fifth day, after the conference is over, but the final selections are made by the G.H.Q. Rawalpindi depending upon the merit of the candidate and the number of vacancies.

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