ISSB - Interview

Normally, the candidates are interviewed by the President or the Deputy President of the Selection Board. Although the interviewing officer may have casually observed the candidate while engaged in G.T.O. tasks, the evaluation is done purely on the individual's performance during the interview. The aim of the interview is to get an insight into the candidate's personality, by the candidate in the Board's Questionnaire perform a froms the basis of the conversation. There after, the discussion usually proceeds on the lines of the answers given by the candidate.

The candidate's academic performances, educational career, extra-curricular activities, hobbies, habits, interests, attitude towards life and others, ambitions, like and dislikes, economic circumstances, etc., are some of the topics which often come up for discussion during the interview. Besides the power of expression and the accuracy of the answers, the personal behaviour disposition, manners and attitude of the candidate's carry considerable weight the interviewing officer observers whether the candidate is cheerful, keen, confident, sure of himself, willing to learn, shows readiness to accept mistakes, has a quick grasp of things and is endowed with a positive and co-operative attitude towards life. The candidate should not be pessimistic.
Since the interviewing officer has some extra marks at his disposal as compared with the opinion of the other examiners, the candidate should try and do his best at the interview.

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