Non-verbal Intelligence Test

In non-verbal intelligence test the items are expressed by materials ,for instance line drawings patterns wooden or plastic pictures ,etc . These test are usually arranged to remove the inconvenience of most of the candidates who are not fully familiar with the language .Besides, the Mujaheds or soldiers in the Pakistan Armed forces have often to tackle such situations in their practical military life.

Types of Non - Verbal Intelligence Tests

Matrix Test, Sequence Test, Mechanical Aptitude Test, Word Association Test. Thematic Apperception (Picture-Story Writing) Test ,psychological Situational Test (The story of THEO or Mr. ‘’x’’).Block- Making Test, etc.

Matices or Picture Pattern Test

In this type of test pictures are used to evaluate the abilities of logic and inference of the candidate.

Matrices or Picture Pattern Test

Psychological Situational Test

The Psychological Situational Test forms another important tool of the Projective Technique to assess human personality traits. This test is made up of different situations which are confronted by THEO or Mr. X.

Psychological Stituational Tests

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