ECAT - Engineering College Admission Test

All Candidates seeking Admission to Engineering colleges are required to pass an Entry Test (ECAT- Engineering College Admission Test). The contents of ECAT are comprised of four Subjects i.e., Physics, Chemistry, Math and English of F.Sc. Pre-Engineering or equivalent level. The pattern of test is based on the criteria decided by the respective Universities & Colleges.
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Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English are the sections in a standard ECAT format. However; English contents vary from university to university. For example the ECAT format for UET Lahore is different that that of NUST ECAT format.

ECAT Format

ECAT is basically a subject test. It contributes subjects like Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry or Computer, and English. The number of questions and weight of the test and sectionss vary considerably.

Prepare Subjects for ECAT

Subject tests evaluate your knowledge in a subject. However; it does not base on a prescribed course outline.
Chemistry Physics Mathematics

Sample Question and Lessons

PhysicsPhysics Sample Questions Physics Lessons
Chemistry Chemistry sample Questions Chemistry Lessons
Mathematics Mathematics Sample Questions Mathematics Lessons


Some engineering colleges and universities require NAT-IE rather than ECAT. The contents of ECAT for UET, BZU-Multan, and UET-Texla are based on F.Sc. syllabus. Most of the questions are really bookish. The main difference in ECAT for other instituttes like NUST, GIKI, and FAST are contents of English question format, number of questions in Subject sections, and proportion of conceptual questions. Your preparation level for all tests must be high. However; for UET ECAT you must focus F.Sc. book contents. To cover the conceptual part of other tests you must study the refresher of each subject in this site. For effective preparation a large number of practice questions are required.


English is a big problem for almost every test taker, but it is not a real problem if you study the key points of English grammar that are commonly asked on the tests.

Scheduling for ECAT

Every engineering college and university has its own schedule for admission in B. E. or B.Sc. Engineering classes. Admission test (ECAT) is associated with the admission process.
Almost all engineering colleges and universities advertise their admissions in the month of June and complete the admission process upto August of the same year. Many institutions have started second offering of the admission which normally starts in November.
Search our database of colleges and universities for desired schedule:

Registeration for ECAT (Applying Engineering Institutions)

Registartion of ECAT is not independent or seperate from the admission process of the engineering colleges or universities. Admission is advertised by the institutions in renowned news papers.
Application package (form) will be made available in the designated branches of some banks. Sometimes; the admission package will be available only from the admission office of the institutions.

Registeration Fee

Application processing fee includes the ECAT fee as well. Application processing fee ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500.

ECAT score and Merit Lists

Evaluation of the applicant's suitability for the engineering admission by the engineering colleges and universities is not based only on the ECAT score rather it is a mix of applicant's previous academic performance and ECAT score.
Maximum score of ECAT varies considerably institution to institution, ranging from 100 to 400 points.

Merit Lists

A few weeks after ECAT, a consolidated merit list is displayed for selected candidates. However; some private institutions send acceptance letters to the selected candidates. Search our database of colleges and universities for admission criteria:

Required Score

Although individual engineering college vary with respects to the score they require, a standard score of 320 (with FSc first year score of atleast 480 ) or greater will probably considered to be quite competitive.
The ECAT, in combination with college grade (FSc marks) is used as a screening device. The test is an objective measure and high scores will help an individual with average grades. Average or slightly lower ECAT scores probably do not significantly affect a superior college record.

At the Test Center

When you are taking tests, try to pace yourself to allow completion of each section within the allowed time. If it is necessary to omit some questions because of time limitation, you may wish to go back after you have scored the test and try to answer them without pressure of time limit.