GAT: Graduate Admission Test By NTS

GAT (Graduate Admission Test) is a test for determining the capability and suitability of a student for postgraduate studies. Universities in Pakistan require it as an important factor in admission criteria. HEC - Higher Education Commission (Pakistan) has mandated NTS to conduct the examination.
Candidates with a minimum of sixteen years of education are eligible to appear in the test. There are two forms of the GAT:

GAT General Test

The general test specifically measures the candidate’s verbal, quantitative and analytical writing aptitude. The test is offered in a paper pencil based format. Test taker is to fill ovals (blank spaces) for correct answers.

GRE Local

In Pakistan, NTS-GAT is commonly known as GRE Local.

GAT Subject Test

The subject tests are designed to test a candidate’s knowledge of the subject matter in a particular discipline extensively. Subject tests are offered in many disciplines.
NTS GAT Subjets List
Some universities require these subject test scores in addition to the general test when applying to the Ph.D. program.

GAT - Compulsory Requirement by Higher Education Commission (HEC)

HEC requires that every candidate seeking admission in MS, M.Phil., or PhD programs in any public or private institute must have qualified GAT with at least 50/100 score. For Ph.D. GAT subject is also required. Download information Bullitien

More about GAT

GAT Subject

Many of Pakistani universities require that any candidate seeking admission in their MS, M. Phil., or PhD program besides GAT - General must also qualify GAT - Subject in the relevant subject. GAT - Subject is also conducted by NTS. GAT Subject Practice Questions

Refresh Subject knowledge

A comprehensive refresher for each subject. A highly targeted subject contents for the test. However; it does not base on a prescribed course outline.

GAT-General Scheduling

As per HEC policy decision, the GAT test validity (GAT - General / Subject) is TWO YEARS.

GAT - Scheduled Tests

GAT - General Scheduled tests are conducted every three month basis by NTS. It remains valid for 2 years. Its means a GAT qualified candidate can use the result of its GAT for any admission occurring in 2 years after its test date.
Find the Test Date

GAT - Customized

Some institutes require that NTS conduct GAT - customized test meeting their admission calendar. The result of customized GAT is only applicable to the particular admission of the institute. The result of GAT customized is not applicable to any other admission.

GAT Retake

Candidate intending to improve their previous GAT Score can also apply. The GAT with greater score will be consider for admission.

GAT Fee and Registeration

GAT-General Fee is Rs. 800 (updated on 07 December 2011)
The candidate is required to register for appearing in the GAT Test as scheduled by NTS.
  • Register online at Register at NTS site
  • Download GAT registration form (type able) and bank deposit slip from NTS website (Registration form is available on website only)
  • Attach 2 photographs (1 x 1.5 inch) at the front of this Registration Form.
    * All candidates are required to provide their photographs with full face exposure.
  • Do not send any documents other than two photos and original bank deposit slip along with your GAT Registration Form.

GAT Score

The GAT has maximum of 100 score. The qualifying score is 50. The result card also show the percentile result.

At the Test Center


  • Reporting Time at test center as specified on Roll No. Slip.
  • NO candidate will be admitted in the test center after specified time.
  • Candidates will have to produce their Roll Number Slips at the entry point of the test center.
  • Without the Roll Number Slip NO candidate will be entertained for the test.

Inside the Room

  • Question booklets will be in five different shuffles.
  • Each question booklet will be sealed and opened by the candidates at the Start of test.
  • Do not break the seal till the test starts.
  • No candidate will be allowed to leave the seat during the test except for an UN-avoidable reason e.g. toilet usage, that to in the escort of an invigilator.
  • All papers will be collected at the end of test and no candidate will be allowed to move from the seat till the final count after the collection of the paper.
  • Do not bring calculators, mobile phones and wrist watches with calculator in the test center.

Types of GAT-General

GAT has been categorized in three categories:
Type Field of Study Quantitative Verbal Analytical
GAT A 1. Engineering & Technology    2. Business Education 30% 30% 40%
GAT B 1. Social Science    2. Arts & Humanities 25% 50% 25%
GAT C 1. Biological & Medical Sciences    2. Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences    3. Physical Sciences 40% 30% 30%
In which category your subject fall:   View GAT categories

Common Myths about GAT Result

GAT Pattern (Structure)

GAT - General consisted of three sections:
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Verbal Ability
  • Analytical Ability

Myths about GAT


Many applicants think that GAT is not required for admission in some institute for MS, M. Phil., PhD.
Fact is
HEC requires that a candidate for post graduate studies must qualify GAT - General (50/100 score) for admission in any of Pakistani institute (public or private). However, some institutes require that the applicant must qualify their own test also.

Preparation of the test

Many applicant test takers think that GAT is a very easy task so they can qualify it by only a few hour preparation.
Fact is
Statics show more than 94% of the test takers get failed in every GAT conduction. A percentile of 95% at the score of 50 clearly shows that almost 95% test taker could not reach at the score of 50. GAT is not an easy test.

A score of 40 to 49

A test taker gets a score of 40 to 49, he/she thinks and claims that he is smart enough to have score of 50 to 60 merely by a slightly more hours spending on GAT self study.
Fact Is
Give only answer sheets (without question papers) to 100 boys of 10th class and ask them to tick the answer choices by blind hits. More than 50% of them will show a score between 40 to 50. If any test taker gets a score of 40 to 49, he is actually at zero. This much score can be obtained by just picking the answers at random without question paper.

A friend of mine qualified the test without preparation

many of qualified test takers claim that they have not prepared the test through any college of test preparation.
Fact is
Abilities of persons vary, it is true some persons can pass the test without taking professional coaching. The number of such persons is very very few. Most of the qualified test takers get coaching through some professional college for preparation of the test but they claim that they are intelligent enough that they need no coaching. Almost 99% of qualified test takers take coaching of some form.