Admission in USA University for MS - Resume

  1. Be clear about your objective.
  2. Try to highlight your Education Qualification with your Percentage or GPA.
  3. Mention all computer skills and job experience you have irrespective of the major you are applying.
  4. Use Times new Roman -12 size font for Resume items
  5. Very briefly explain about your academics project or projects done for any other purpose.
  6. Try to limit your resume for one page.
  • PHONE NO: xxxxxxxxxx
  • OBJECTIVE: To pursue master’s degree that suits my interests and qualifications and gain knowledge by learning depth in the subject I have taken up.

Required Documents

  1. B.Tech from Govt COLLEGE OF ENGG&TECH, Hydrabad , Marks 72 % in Year 2005
  2. F.A/Fsc from Jinnah High School, Hydrabad, Marks 71.4 % in Year 2001
  3. Metric from Jinnah High School, Hydrabad , Marks 83.6 % in Year 1999


Presented a paper on "fuel cells” at 6th national convention of PSTE(Pakistan society of Technical Education) conducted by Technical Board, HYDERABAD and also participated in regular debates and group discussions conducted in the college


Attended Adventure course at HMI, Islamabad as contingent leader , Achieved NCC, ARMY WING 'B' Certificate, Represented school at zonal level football tournament (south zone) during 1999-01




I have done a project titled "GENERATION OF EPICYCLIC GEAR TRAINS(using rotational isomorphism)" under the guidance of Dr.A.S.RABANI. M.E,M.E,Ph.D,D.Sc.­. Generally joining various gears and arms in various fashions can form many gear trains.

Up to now gear trains we use have only four links and only one defined output. If we increase the number of joints, defining the output becomes difficult, because of the complexity in identifying the similar schematics. Until recently researchers used trail and error methods to identify similar gear trains from a bunch of them having same number of links, greater then four. But there are some mathematical relations and computer algorithms, which can be used to identify the similar gear trains, which have links greater than four.

We found out various gear trains that have similar output and having 10 links and 3 degrees of freedom using isomorphism technique. This technique has two parts, incident graph isomorphism and rotational graph isomorphism. We continued the project, which was left by our senior colleagues who have filtered the graphs using incident graph technique, which is half way through the synthesis process. We further filtered the graphs using rotational graph technique and also using a mathematical relation known as rotational hamming matrix. By rotational graph technique the synthesis process will be completed. The next step analysis is the process that follows.

  • PERSONAL DETAILS: **************
  • NAME: **************
  • FATHER'S NAME: **************
  • MOTHER'S NAME: **************
  • DATE OF BIRTH: **************
  • PRESENT ADDRESS: **************
  • LANGUAGES KNOWN: **************
  • PHONE NO: **************
  • EMAIL: **************
  • DECLARATION: **************
  • I declare that the above-mentioned information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge: **************
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